Sep 4, 2012

baby style {fall edition}

I cleaned out Cara's drawers the other day, and I suddenly realized that my child had no socks or pajamas that fit.  It was a pretty sad moment, actually.  It's funny because I sort of forgot that children sometimes need all new socks because their feet grow.  I mean, I still have socks from high school with JAK written on the toe so that my sister wouldn't steal them.  This prompted me to go through Colin's drawers too, and (surprise!) he's also lacking in the basics of clothing department.  How did this happen?  One minute, he's barely into 6 month onesies and the next minute, he's bursting at the seams.

Stop growing, children.

Since that's not really going to happen, I pulled out my trusty Old Navy coupon and did a little online shopping.  A little of this:
and this:

are headed to my house in a matter of days.  But, clearly, I can't let Old Navy and Target handle all of my children's clothing needs, so in case you are interested, here is my sewing plan for fall clothes.  I'm sticking with a few Oliver and S patterns that I already have, but I'm pulling out the big guns with denim and knits!  Why are knits so scary?  Anyway, here's what Cara and I picked out at Joann's on Monday:

The pink and purple print and the solid purple are both going to be more Sailboat tops for Cara (obviously), but I have to confess that I really hope there will be enough fabric left over to piece together a Renfrew top for me.  

Those little monster rock stars kill me.  Another Sailboat Top, I think.  And that dark denim is going to become matching Sailboat pants and skirt.  Denim feels scary to me too because everybody buys denim; I'm afraid it will look too homemade, if that makes sense.

My favorite piece is this purple floral corduroy:

which is going to become another Bubble dress.  This has been one of my favorite patterns that I have made, and I think it will be a perfect lightweight fall dress.

I'm still looking for a cute jon-jon or overall pattern for Colin.  Any suggestions?


  1. I bought some of the monster rock star fabric as well! It is sooooo cute! Anyhow, my local Joann is now sold out and I can't find my receipt that had the fabric number on it. Do you have yours by chance?

  2. the monster fabric is super adorable. I love it.

    The renfrew top would be awesome, too- hope you have fabric left over ;)


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