Sep 16, 2012

sewing for Colin {fall}

Remember when I laid out my plan for sewing for my kiddos for fall?  Colin's outfits are done.  Check.  And he sure does look cute in them. :-)

Outfit #1:

I guess this outfit isn't really all that exciting since it's just a pair of pants with a white onesie (bib leftover from my love affair with chevron).  I know I said originally that I was going to make a pair of Sailboat pants, but I changed my mind when I remembered how easy and cute the Big Butt Baby Pants are.  This lightweight, stretchy denim was a dream to work with, and it's super soft and comfy.

extra booty panel and three rows of topstitching on the hem

Outfit #2:

OMG, double chin!

This one's a little big, but that's okay.  Maybe it will still fit him in October...

I adore those little monster rock stars.  They are just so...boy.  Sewing with knit wasn't as difficult as I imagined it would be.  I used a zig zag stitch for all of the seams, and my fabric held its shape pretty well.

more Big Butt Baby Pants, this time with pockets and cuffs

and a Sailboat top

The buttonholes were the most difficult part of this shirt.  I'm not super thrilled with how they turned out, but they work, and the buttons mostly cover up my less-than-perfect stitching.

I can't wait to start on Cara's fall clothes!  I have a soft spot in my heart for making dresses. :-)


  1. The double chin picture just killed me! He is sooo cute!

  2. Those little monster sure are cute! And your little munchkin is adorable in them ;)

  3. I do love the monsters, but boy do I love coming here each week and seeing what you've created. I have knit a Christmas stocking and a boy hat + girl hat for our bebe but that's it so far. I really hope to be able to make at least a few more things for him/her before time's up!

  4. That monster outfit (and double chin!) are just so cute :) You should quit teaching and sell this stuff at flea markets and make your fortune! Oh, but then you'll never have time to make them for your own kids....hmmm...


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