Sep 3, 2012

more time, please!

Yay for long weekends! I really needed a little extra time since it seems like during the work week, there is never enough of that stuff, and boy, did I make the most of my extra day.  I spent a good chunk of my extra time hanging out with my big girl, which is one of my favorite ways to spend my time anyway.

C and I ventured into Charlotte today (in spite of the upcoming DNC) to pay a visit to my friend Jillian and her adorable new bundle and to do a little fabric shopping.  Cara was so sweet and gentle with the baby, even climbing up next to me on the couch to hold him, something she never did with Colin.  I guess she feels like a pro with babies now that she has been through the baby brother thing.  After our visit, we had a happy meal date (at "Old McDonald's" according to Cara) and then on to Joann's (more on our fabric finds later).

showing off her happy meal prize

The best part of our little day out and about was riding around in the car.  We listened to our favorite Disney princess Pandora station and sang all the words we knew.  Singing along with the radio in the car is a new thing for Cara, and I think I died of cuteness at least 14 times.  She might not know all of the words, but she belts out the ones she does know. ;-)

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  1. Glad you got some one-on-one time with your sweet girl! It's always so special for both involved even when doing just the simplest things.


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