Oct 29, 2012

impulse control? nah.

This was my impulse dress.  I found the pattern on Etsy when I should have been paying attention to a speaker on Friday, and I just HAD TO HAVE IT.  And then, I just HAD to do a little fabric shopping.  And then, I just HAD to cut it out and sew it up.  Clearly, this was not part of my fall sewing plan, but I couldn't resist a twirly dress with a giant sash.  Good thing, because it might be the cutest thing I've ever made.  Besides the children, of course. :-)

She was a little shy at first...

but she came out of her shell pretty quickly.

I think she liked it.  And OMG toys everywhere.

Oct 19, 2012

on slowing down

And now that you've made it through all those adorable pictures, it's time for words.  I'm thankful that I can say "time for words" because I have really missed having time for words.  I love being a wife, and I love having small children, and I love teaching, but it's easy to think that because I love all of those things, I don't also need to take time to do things for myself, by myself.  I'm already doing lots of things I love.  But a wise, sweet friend reminded me that I love to sew and write, and I have to give myself those things too.  Give them like a gift to myself.  

These children are growing and growing.  Colin is army crawling all over the world and Cara is practicing her front rolls and cartwheels and telling us the occasional "spooky story."  They love to play in the bathtub together; in fact, Cara pretty much insists that we do bath, stories, and bed time together every night, and that suits us just fine.  Colin slept through the night for about a week until the teeth poked through.  On the one hand, I want to whine a little (or a lot) about the fact that I can count on ONE HAND the number of nights I have slept more than 7 straight hours since he was born and those teeth are really not helping me out here...but on the other hand, those crazy teeth are the main reason that you are seeing this post.

I have not felt like I have had a spare moment in almost a month.  Things at school got very busy very quickly, and time at home was filled with parenting and work that spilled over from the day.  And that's okay.  But it's an unsustainable pace.  It can be hard for me to convince myself that if I stand still, the world will continue to spin, but it's the truth.  

And those teeth have given the baby boy lots of snot and a low grade fever.  He's a little grumpy and a little sleepy (because those teeth are waking him up at night), so we're here at home today.  He needed a day off, and really, so did I.  I was totally overwhelmed yesterday when I was trying to get everything together and ready so that I could be away from work, but now that I am sitting here at home with my boy, it doesn't feel so pressing and urgent.  Thank you, Lord, for the perspective and the time.
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