Nov 5, 2012

30 days of gratitude--the one in which I talk about my boobs

One of the things I have really enjoyed about having little babies, besides the obvious heart-overflowing love and cuteness, is breastfeeding.  There is something so special about the bond created there, and I am so very thankful that I was able to easily nurse both of my little ones.  It's like liquid love, an instant stop-the-crying miracle, a rare moment of peace and calm.  It made taking care of my newborns a little easier, and maybe even a little cheaper.

That's not to say that nursing is without its challenges.  It can be a bit painful, especially right at the beginning (but I'm also very thankful that the uncomfortable part only lasted for a day or two for me), and I'm sure that one of the reasons it took Colin almost seven months to sleep through the night is that I nursed him every time he woke up.  And that whole pumping business?  Not the most fun way to spend a lunch break.  But I'm so glad I was able to work all it all out.  When I went back to work full time, it was nice to think that I was able to "take care of my baby" even though I wasn't with him.

However, (I feel like I'm not supposed to say this out loud, but...) I'm really thankful to be almost done with breastfeeding.  I thought I would be sad to see it go, and honestly, it takes very little to make me feel all sappy and sentimental about my babies, but I realized that Colin still likes to cuddle with me even when we're not nursing.  And he's totally okay with formula.  And he's got two little teeth now, and those little teeth are NO JOKE.

We're taking it slowly, so I don't think we'll be completely done for another month or so.  I have to admit that I'm really excited to have my body to myself soon.  I'm looking forward to adding some regular exercise to my almost-full-night-of-sleep so that I can start to feel like me again.  But what I'm really excited about are those new bras I am most definitely getting fitted for. :-)


  1. Ha! I felt much the same, so thankful to provide nourishment for my babes even if it meant pumping at work and on road trips and all sorts of other embarrassing places, but I was so glad to get rid of my pump when it was over!

  2. Oh I'm envying you right now! I've been weighing the pros and cons lately of breastfeeding and am getting a little tired. I, too, am ready for my body to be mine again ... hmmm ... still considering!!

  3. ok no input on the breastfeeding other than "good job momma!" (cause they say it's better for the wee ones. But new bra fittings? NORDSTROMS!!!! seriously. they are AMAZING. expensive, yes, but they have sales, the bras are fabulous, and having the right fit and size is just... life changing. I know- I sound overly dramatic. But truly- some of the best money I have ever spent, right up there with lasik and a mortgage. The fitting is free, and I go anytime I need new bras. They know their stock really well too, so if there is something you like that doesn't fit quite right, they usually have a similar substitute in a different brand that will work better. Ok. All done being an advertisement for the Nordstrom Lingerie Department.


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