Nov 2, 2012

30 days of gratitude--sweet friends

Cara has formed a very sweet friendship with one of our neighbors.  This neighbor is a single lady of retirement age, but Cara thinks she's one of the coolest friends she could ever have.  A few weeks ago, I got suckered into buying a box of frozen cookie dough from a student (yay, fundraisers!), and when I told Cara about my box of cookie dough, her first thought was "we will make cookies for our neighbor and take them over on a pink plate!"  And so we did.

Our sweet neighbor was overjoyed to have a little visitor, and I was overjoyed too.  It warms my heart in the best way to see Cara develop a caring, generous little spirit.  Of course, our neighbor left Cara a thank-you card the next day.  And the day after that, she happened to be in the yard raking leaves when we pulled in the driveway, and I couldn't get Cara unbuckled fast enough.  "I have to go visit!!!!"  Seriously, it's adorable.

The weekend before Halloween, we came home from a birthday party to find a very special gift on the steps.  

It's a little Halloween house with trick-or-treaters and a note.  Cara was thrilled, especially because it was her turn to write and deliver a thank-you note.

Day 3:  I am thankful for sweet friends who love on my children.

These folks are thankful too:

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  1. My goodness that is SO cute. What a great blessing for Cara to have a "special friend" to love on her!


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