Dec 2, 2012

lazy and forgetful

This picture makes me laugh, and his face is a perfect fit for the title of this post.

At lunch today, as I watched Colin shovel fistfuls of Mexican rice into his face, I wondered to myself if I had any memories of Cara doing the same thing at the same age.  I tried to dig around in what is left of my brain--I feel like I remember more of what I wouldn't let her eat than what I would.  It took a few hours, but I pulled out those memories of my girl at 8 months (*pause--HOLY CRAP, COLIN IS EIGHT MONTHS OLD!!  WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT??), and they are mostly of homemade baby food.  I had a list of foods that Cara could not have before she turned one, and I know that those lists are there for a reason.  Food allergies and all that.  It's probably a good thing that we don't have a family history of food allergies because I conveniently forgot about those lists this go around.  Colin has been eating pretty much everything in sight for the past few months.  Except peanuts.  I have to draw the line somewhere.

I guess it's typical for parents to be more laid back with subsequent children, but sometimes, I wonder if I'm crossing over from "laid back" to "lazy and forgetful." Is it just lazy to give Colin a few spoonfuls of rice and a cheese quesadilla and call it lunch?  In my defense, he is practicing his fine motor skills picking up the rice off the table and shoving it into his mouth.  We could call the Mexican cuisine "adventurous" for an 8 month old, right?

Look at how happy he is when I let him eat whatever he wants!

This whole "lazy and forgetful" thing applies to more than just food.  I also realized this weekend that Colin has never worn a pair of shoes.  In fact, he doesn't even own a pair of shoes.  We took the kids to the park on Saturday when it was a glorious 75 degrees, and of course, Cara ran off to climb the biggest slide she could find, but Colin is still semi-stationary.  I wanted to let him do something, so I put him down so that he could stand and hold on to a step.  No socks, no shoes, just those pudgy bare feet on recycled tires.  He didn't really care, but I did happen to notice that everyone else at the park was wearing shoes.

perfectly happy standing at the park sans shoes

I felt like a slack mom, so this morning, I dug around until I found a random pair of shoes that I think might have been hand-me-downs.  They looked like they should fit, so PJ grabbed one foot and I grabbed the other, but Colin was not having it.  He curled his toes up and mutinied. And we gave up.  We're wimps.  I can't remember when we first started putting shoes on Cara, but I know it was way before she actually needed them.  I'm sure she had a million little shoes to complement her million little outfits.  And by the way, do you think Colin has a million little outfits?  Did you notice that he's not even wearing any pants in that very first picture?  If this is what happens to our second-born, I'm afraid to even think about what might happen to our poor, hypothetical third child.


  1. You nailed it. I don't think we fed Penn anything that wasn't on the "approved list." We were a little more open-minded with Jude, and poor Anna has peanut butter sandwiches (cut up) for lunch quite often. One day she even washed it down with sewing machine oil (with Penn, I would have rushed him to the ER and requested to have his stomach flushed out, but with Anna, only a mildly panicked call to Poison Control). You're not lazy and forgetful, you're just in your groove and letting your mommy instinct tell you what to get worked up about:)

    1. I had to laugh at the sewing machine oil! I'm glad to know that I can turn "lazy and forgetful" into "trusting my mommy instinct." ;-)

  2. Don't worry, my third kid is probably going to be eating Mexican rice off the recycled tires at the playground. And who needs shoes? My third kid will probably be lucky if I changer her diaper once a day ;) You're a good mom!


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