Dec 9, 2012

it's time for a Christmas skirt!

We've hit a sort of sewing/childhood milestone around here.  Cara now has opinions about what I make for her.  I knew this day would come eventually, the day when Cara would refuse to wear what I make unless I make it based on her preferences.  Fortunately, our preferences are pretty much the same right now.  I pulled out my scraps of Christmas fabric from past years, and when I asked Cara about a twirly skirt, she agreed wholeheartedly, especially if I could make the skirt hit her ankles.  No problems there.

I whipped up a double layer skirt with the fabric from last year's Christmas dress plus a few scraps from this year's dress (which is still not quite finished).  I sort of invented this one as I went along, and I made a few things more difficult, but that's how you learn, I suppose.

I believe this one is Cara-approved.


  1. Super cute skirt! And I just love the thrilled look on her face, gorgeous.

  2. that's adorable, and she's adorable!!!


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