Jan 13, 2013


Welp.  We are almost two weeks into January, and I am just now getting around to making my New Year's Resolution blog-official.  Because it's not official until it's on the blog.

I wasn't planning to make a resolution this year, mainly because I didn't want to resolve to start working out every day.  That was my gut reaction to making a resolution, but I really didn't want to have to make that one.  I knew I would break it and beat myself up for it, so avoidance seemed like a better idea.

As I was busying avoiding resolutions, one began brewing in my heart.  Generosity.  What can I do to develop a more generous heart?  I think a generous heart starts with gratitude.  When we realize how blessed we are, sharing those blessings should be a natural next step.  I am ashamed of how much I take my life for granted.

That I can go to the grocery store every week and not worry about how much things cost.  
That I have a job to go to every day.  
That my children have wonderful, loving caretakers while I am at work.  
That my husband is gentle and supportive.  
That being a dad is a huge priority to him.  
That my children are healthy and happy.

While financial generosity has its place, that is not my main concern.  I want to be more generous with my time and talents.  That might look like giving away more patience, more grace, more attention, more encouragement.  It might look like giving more consideration and thoughtfulness.  On a practical level, it may look like more cooking or sewing as a gift for others.  Or it may look like money.  Whatever it is, I want to give generously to others what they need.

God took me seriously when I told Him my resolution.  I asked him to show me what needs to be done, but also to show me examples of generosity in others.  I want to be humbled and inspired, I said.  God delivers when we ask for things, and I am beyond humbled and inspired.  The generosity I have seen in others is not my story to tell, and I have nothing to brag about because I am not doing anything.  I am simply listening and watching and trying to respond.  God does the rest, and He does it big.


  1. What a wonderful area of life to concentrate on! I'm sure so much good will come out of your efforts!

  2. Jess, you never cease to amaze me. Hard to believe I love you more everyday. Dad


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