Feb 18, 2013

a real life update + a few links

I have never needed a weekend as badly as I needed this last one.  Especially a three-day-snow weekend.

Just a tiny bit, but snow is pretty rare here in SC

PJ had to do a bit of work traveling at the beginning of last week, so I spent a few days in single mom mode.  I always start off pretty enthusiastically.  'I've got this,' I tell myself.  'There are plenty of women who handle this every single day.'

I texted this to PJ, just to prove that I was, in fact, handling it.

The reality is that I do not sleep well at all when my husband is not home, and I got really sick, to the point that I should have taken a day off work to recover, but (as any teacher will most likely confirm) it is usually just easier to suffer through the day than to create sub plans and then deal with the aftermath.  So my poor husband came from frigid Rhode Island to a sick, grumpy, stressed out wife.  Sorry about that.  Fortunately, we've been able to catch up this weekend on many things: laundry, grading, family snuggles, and of course, Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead.  (Side note: No more Matthew Crawley????  What is that???)

I am certain that this week will be awesome.  Meals are planned, clothes are folded and put away, toys are contained, and, most importantly, I turn 30 on Friday.  And I'm totally okay with that, especially because I ordered a StitchFix box as a present to myself.  This will be my third box, and I am super excited because I kept everything in my second box.  Someone over in StitchFix land really gets me.

Anyway, here a few things that I enjoyed this week in spite of my stress, sickness, and general grumpiness:


  1. We are the opposite here in Pittsburgh, snow every day and just wishing for a glimpse of grass :) Glad your hubby's back and you got much needed rest and accomplishment this weekend. I don't do well without Hubsy either.

    And a HUGE thank you for noting my jewelry in your links! So appreciative of your support :)

  2. Your shout out made my Monday :)

  3. Ah, thanks!!
    But I had to laugh when you wrote that you were intimidated. Seriously? Have you seen the dresses that you've sewn!?! I'm intimidated by your ability to get a perfect fit!!

  4. Well, thanks! I have my moments here lately. A lot of people tell me I don't look very big but I feel gigantic. Lol. We had some snow, too. Too bad it couldn't have happened on a school day, amiright?

  5. Hi - I just wanted you to know that you won an award at my blog if you would like to come check it out.


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