Mar 24, 2013

Cara's Easter dress

Are you ready for a parade of Easter outfits?  'Cause I'm totally turning into a full-blown sewing blog this week!  First up is Cara's fancy dress:

For Cara's Easter dress, I used the Oliver and S Bubble Dress pattern, minus the bubble hem.  I know that seems odd since the bubble hem is kind of the selling point of that dress, but Cara requested a twirly dress for Easter, and I aim to please.  Omitting the bubble hem turned out to be such. a. pain.  I hemmed the dress (what I thought was) evenly, then tried it on my child only to discover that it was not, in fact, even in the least.  I ended up ripping out the hem and re-measuring with the dress on the child. It looks like the dress is longer in the front than in the back, but I promise that is not the case when the dress is on.  Just trust me.

I added a row of pearl beads around the neckline to fancy things up a bit.  If you know anything about my girl, you know that she is as princess-y and fancy as they come, so the addition of jewels seemed necessary.

I rather love the turquoise buttons on the back too.  I'm particularly proud of managing to get the back seam to "kiss" below the buttons.  The last time I made this dress (if you click the link, scroll down a bit to see the dress), I ended up with a gaping hole and lots of confusion.  In the end, I let it go, but this time, I wanted to fix that problem.

Those of you who have been reading a long for a bit might recognize this fabric; it is the same fabric I used for my Truffle dress.  I'm sure some of you are eagerly anticipating a picture of Cara and me in our matching dresses, since we all know I'm not afraid of dressing like a bridal party.  Unfortunately, that picture will never exist.  My polka dot Truffle shrank like a boss the first time I washed it because I did not prewash my fabric.  It was an excruciating lesson, but a necessary one.  My one consolation is that Colette Patterns most definitely overestimates the amount of fabric needed for their dresses (more on this later), which means that the polka dot Truffle can live on with Cara's non-bubble Bubble Dress.


  1. Very cute! I love those turquoise buttons.

  2. Adorable. Do you make dresses for other people? My baby is going to need one for her first birthday! Lol

    - your former student

    1. I do custom dresses for people I really like. ;-) Email me and we'll work out the details.


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