Mar 21, 2013

dear colin

because we all know the box is way more fun than the present...

My sweet boy,

This one-year-old business is golden.  You are in a sparkling moment between the twilight of baby and the dawn of toddler.  One minute, you are almost 24 pounds of soft, snuggling, squishy perfection, and the next, you are a wild babbling boy, all toothy grins and mischief.  I love this moment.  

You are so proud of your new tricks lately.  You can high five with the best of them, and you give hugs and kisses generously.  You carry your ball around the house squealing "BAAAAAALLLL" because you can.  You like to look at me as I say "no" and nod your head "yes" and giggle.  Your cuteness is killing my discipline. 

Even though you can wave and say "hi" and "bye," you still like to be rocked and snuggled to sleep.  Tonight, you wanted to rock for half an hour.  I kept thinking you were asleep with your little head on my shoulder, so quiet and still, except you weren't.  You were just content.  And so was I.  My prayer is that you are never too cool to snuggle with your mama.  

The doctor says that you have big hands and feet, which makes me wonder who you will be when the rest of you is big too.  I pray that you will seek the Lord with your whole heart, that you will protect the weak and love the unlovable.  I know your Daddy will teach you to be a gentleman, to open doors and bring flowers.  Your sister is already teaching you to be a comedian.  She is also teaching you to be tough and stubborn and curious.  I hope that I will always make you feel that you have a home where you are unconditionally loved.  I hope you feel loved and safe enough to mess up and get hurt, to triumph and celebrate.

I am so thankful to be your mama.  I cannot imagine my world without my two babies, my sweet boy and girl.  Happy first birthday, baby Colin!


  1. You never cease to tug at my heart strings with your posts.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Such a precious little man! Happy Birthday Colin! Very sweet letter mama ;)

  3. Happy Birthday, Colin! How is he a year old already??

  4. Hi there,
    You don't know me, but I stumbled over here from looking at the Colette patterns Flicker group. Your letter to your son just made me cry. I have a little boy who's about to turn 9 months old. I love the line, "I pray...that you will protect the weak and love the unlovable." I feel the same things for my son. I hope I can teach him kindness above all things. Thanks for sharing.


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