May 20, 2013

love song for a cambie

I completely understand the big fuss about Sewaholic's Cambie dress.  This dress is perfection.  Twirly skirt? Check.  Sweetheart neckline? Check.  POCKETS?? Double check (you know, because there are two of those).  Super adorable dress that fits straight out of the envelope?  Check.

I cut this dress in a size 6 with no alterations to anything at all.  However, I can't wear it to Thanksgiving dinner unless I want to either seriously limit my food intake or bust a zipper.  But on a normal day?  No issues.  The straps are attached to the bodice last, which makes fitting the bodice quite easy.  I had no issues with gaping or extra space at the chest, but I should point out here that Sewaholic patterns are designed with pear shapes in mind (read: I have a very small chest).

I used a basic cotton lawn with a polyester lining.  I am slowly learning my lesson about lining fabric.  I used a Bemberg rayon to line my Hazel dress, and even though this poly feels pretty much the same to the touch, it doesn't breath the same way.  Not a huge deal in a dress like this, but I think I might spring for the Bemberg from now on.  And if you squint at the picture above, you can just barely make out my stitches at the hem.  I used a decorative stitch that looks like a vine with leaves to match my fabric.  Because I am a nerd.  But I don't care because I now have a new favorite dress.  I feel like I say that every time I make a new one, but I really mean it this time. ;-)


  1. That looks gorgeous!! It's awesome that you made it! I'm somewhat new to sewing, I don't yet feel quite confident about actually making a well-fitting dress--I like your decorative stitch on the bottom, too!

  2. Beautiful! I popped over from The Pleated Poppy because the dress and the print are so cute! I've been starting to sew some more clothes for myself (wearing a new top I made today) and I love to see what others are sewing. What fabric did you use? Cotton or something else?

  3. Very pretty! I've always liked that pattern a lot. Love the vine stitching at the hem, too.

  4. Love the pattern adn that you made it! So pretty! Found you through The Pleated Poppy.

    Come link up with me at Watcha Wearing Wednesday-

  5. I love that dress, you did a good job. I am venturing back into sewing now that I have a new machine and I may seek out this pattern. It's got a great vintage vibe but also looks modern. And it looks very cute on you.

  6. You did such a great job - the dress fits you absolutely perfectly!


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