May 27, 2013

scirocco dress

(Happy Memorial Day, and special thanks to my baby brother for his service to our country.)

Back in April, I finished the most adorable sundress for Cara.  Unfortunately, spring skipped us, and she didn't really get to wear it immediately.  I should probably call this dress "The Delayed Gratification Dress," but instead, I think I'll just stick to the pattern title. :-)

The Scirocco dress is from Figgy's Patterns, and I scooped this one up, along with probably 10 or 12 more, in an e-pattern bundle sale.  This is the perfect summer dress, cool and bouncy and adorable.

There is some sewing magic in this pattern.  The little twist in the back and the skirt flounces make this dress look so impressive when it's finished, especially since the directions for finishing up the lined bodice at the shoulder are a little confusing.  I kept saying to myself, "this is never going to work, this is never going to work," and then POOF!  Sewing magic.  My only regret is not matching the plaids.  I thought that it would be almost impossible given the number of pattern pieces, but I think I could have done it had I paid a little more attention.  Oh well.  This one is still pretty stinking cute, and Cara really likes it.  She thinks the flounces are perfect for a little twirly dancing, and she might just be right.


  1. So cute and perfect for summer! I love the back on the this dress!

  2. VERY cute. Love the back and all the ruffles.

  3. Love those ruffles! Cara is so cute enjoying her dress and the sunshine :)


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