May 14, 2013

the "share it to win it" dress

Have you seen those "share it to win" photos on Facebook?  The ones in my newsfeed are usually smocked bishop dresses or chevron dresses.  I have every intention of learning to smock (it's one of my goals for the summer, actually), but the chevron dresses are usually pretty simple, maybe a peasant dress or basic sundress style.  I always think they are adorable, so I decided to make my own "share it to win it" inspired dress.

This is yet another incarnation of the Oliver and S Bubble dress pattern, one of my absolute favorites.  I think I could put this dress together in my sleep at this point.  

Can you find the back seam?  Me neither!!  Those zig-zags matched up by happy accident though, not by any particular skill on my part.  Too bad we didn't have another happy matching accident on the side seams.  Also, it seems I like really like to use blue buttons lately.

Cara really liked this dress--once she accessorized with her Cinderella coach and Tinker Bell necklace, she said she felt like a princess, and really, that's all I need to hear.

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