Jun 18, 2013

a Father's Day Negroni

PJ is forever teasing me about how I make clothes for everyone in our family but him.  It's not that I don't want to make him something, but for the longest time, I thought the best I could do would be a bowtie.  And as adorable as I think bowties are, I have never seen PJ wear one.  He can be pretty picky about his clothing and how it fits, which just intimidated me even more.  However, the Negroni pattern went on sale about a month before Father's Day.  I thought about what an awesome father and husband PJ is, and I decided to bite the bullet and make a solid attempt at a button down shirt for my man.  My plan was to surprise PJ with a shirt and then offer him a more custom fitted version for his birthday in mid-July.

A man's shirt is truly uncharted territory for me.  I spent the last few weeks of school staring down the shirts of my male teacher friends, which I'm sure was a little awkward for them.  By the time I got ready to actually cut my fabric, I think I had read I read every blog post I could find about the Negroni shirt and every single post in the Male Pattern Boldness Sewalong, all in the name of research, but I felt prepared.  The directions and diagrams, as you would expect from Colette Patterns, are clear and thorough.  Still, this shirt took me the better part of two and a half days with my children at daycare because I needed some time to become even better friends with my seam ripper and my iron.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, for a shirt that had no in-progress fittings.  I cut a large after measuring one of PJ's regular work shirts, but I probably should have gone with my gut and cut a medium.  The large is just a little too roomy for his liking, but I think it's wearable.  And also, I made it, so he is required to wear it.  Those are the rules.

I cut the back yoke horizontally to add visual interest but also so I didn't have to match stripes.

Sleeves are, ahem, a little bit too long.

I am most proud of those sleeve plackets.  Please ignore the sideways buttonhole.

handsome devil

Honestly, I feel like a sewing rock star.  If I can make a man's button down shirt, then welt pockets and trousers should be a piece of cake...right? :-)


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