Jun 29, 2013

...and we're back!

Hello, Real World!  We just got back from a week on the Gulf coast of Florida, and I am so thankful we have a weekend to recover from that 10 hour drive home.  We went to Florida a few years ago when Cara was almost two and an only child, and let me assure you, vacationing with one child is quite different from vacationing with two.


Just kidding!  There are several really awesome things about vacationing with two kids.  Even though the parenting duties don't stop, being at the beach for me is instantly relaxing, and simply being away from the laundry and cleaning is a vacation in itself. But, there are some real benefits to vacationing with two kiddies.  The first is that we the parents are not outnumbered, so tag-teaming is in full effect.  The second is that two kiddos = automatic playmates, which lets mom and dad off the hook sometimes.  The third is that there are always grandpas, uncles, aunts, and cousins to whom you can hand a child with no guilt.   The fourth is this:

killer vacation naps
We fully embraced all of these vacation benefits, especially the "hand your child to a cousin."  We love Jacob and Ava so much, and clearly, Cara and Colin love them too.
Just look at how much Colin loves his cousin Jacob!
Sweetest teenager ever.
Cara and her big cousin Ava
Can I just say how impressed I am with the iPhone camera?
We spent most of our time at the pool or on the beach, and (I consider this a major mom triumph) no one got majorly sunburned.  Cara has always been a beach bum, but Colin took a few days to warm up to the idea of salt water and sand between his toes.  In the end, he's a beach baby, just like the rest of us. :-)

As usual, we tried for a good ole family photo on the beach.  I got a little red(neck) in my jorts, but don't be jealous. ;-)

That ocean air gives Cara the most awesome beach waves.  I am so jealous.

We still need to work on her fake smile though. :-)

Our vacation buddies--clearly, they are awesome.


  1. I'm glad you guys had fun! Our beach trip last year was the first time I was thinking "this two parent-two child thing makes a LOT of sense!"

  2. Ha, ha! That cartoon is hilarious! I was worried that our trip to Hawaii would be like that but we were also pleasantly surprised.
    And yes, your daughter does have the most beautiful beach hair!!

  3. Such adorable beach babes you got! Those waves of Cara's are indeed killer :)

  4. Fuuun! Great pics! The Gulf Coast is our beach spot, too. :)

    Um, I find that image of the beach trip with kids to be totally, 100%, undoubtedly accurate. Period.



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