Jun 7, 2013

currently (it is my last day of school!!)

Hooray for the last day of school!  The end of this school year feels like it was a little more stressful than usual, but I made it, and all that is left is a little classroom packing.  The end of school ranks right up there with Christmas as my favorite time of the year ever.

loving: that Colin is working hard to feed himself with a spoon (haha...) and communicate with us.  He knows quite a few signs, but he's also trying to say the words with them, which is so cute.  He consistently signs and says "please" when he asks for something, except it sounds like "eeeeezzzz," but who cares because it is so precious.  We keep reminding him to also sign and say "thank you."  He says "mama" and "dada" and "Cara" because obviously he loves us the most, but he also says "dog," "banana," and "cup" consistently.  Sweet little baby voices are seriously the best.

reading: Still working on Cooked, but that's because I put it down for a little while to concentrate on school work.  I have every intention of picking it back up soon since I will have a little bit more free time for a few months.

watching: PJ and I have started watching entire seasons of shows on Netflix, which is awesome.  We've gotten through all five seasons of Sons of Anarchy, and now we are working through The Vampire Diaries.  This one took a few episodes to hook me, but I'm there now.  Apparently, I'm really into to weird, supernatural stuff these days.  Bring on the vampires and zombies.

listening to: Where have Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers been all my life?  How am I just now listening to these bands?  PJ thinks the Avett Brothers are a bit twangy for his liking, but I'm really loving it.  Great background music for grading, packing, and sewing.

anticipating: I am so excited to have some extra time to sew now that I'm not glued to the dining room table grading essays every night!  I have been keeping a list of projects in my head which includes a few seersucker jon-jons for the baby boy, some stash-busting dresses for my big girl, a secret Father's Day present for my man, and of course, a few outfits for me.  I've been working on a Grainline Studio Tiny Pocket Tank, and I'm planning to make Pattern Runway's Sweet Shorts to match it.  

excited about: the awesome belated anniversary date my husband and I are going on this weekend!  Now that Colin is a little bit older and sleeping through the night, we've decided that it's time for us to get away overnight.  We did this a few months ago, and it was truly wonderful.  I am so thankful that Bitsy is willing to come up again to hang with the babies so that we can go celebrate EIGHT YEARS of marriage this weekend!

thinking about: I have been thinking a lot lately about refreshment and how I can renew my spirit and my energy when I am feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.  I'm sure that two months off will help tremendously, but I feel like I need a new daily routine during the school year to help me stay refreshed, excited, and energetic.  I read the Refresh e-book by Jessi Connelly and Hayley Morgan, and while it was helpful, it's really geared toward stay-at-home or work-from-home moms.  Their advice about fixing your hair, putting on make up, and getting dressed every day is wonderful, but I already have to do that.  I'm thinking what I need is a quiet time and a workout time.  I have been at a loss about how to build this into my normal daily routine (because I cannot possibly get up any earlier--5:30 is my limit), so I'm still working this one out in my head.

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  1. That dress you're wearing...you MADE that? Wow, girl. :)

    I've enjoyed watching entire seasons, too! I'm currently watching Downton Abbey (love)!


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