Jun 15, 2013

summer sewing for the boy

Poor Colin has been left out of the handmade clothing parade.  Big sister gets lots of fancy new dresses, but sadly, I haven't made much for my baby boy yet.  It's partly because there just aren't that many cute boy patterns out there and partly because I would rather sew for children who are past the crawling stage because, let's be honest, if I'm going to spend the time to make it, I want it to be seen.  ;-)  I have no real excuses left now because Colin is full steam ahead, running around everywhere all the time.  So my first order of sewing business this summer was to make the boy a few summer outfits.  I love the classic look of the jon-jon, and the Oliver and S Tea Party Playsuit pattern, as girly as the name sounds, makes a really cute one.

For the green seersucker, I decided the cut the bodice on the bias and leave off the flat piping.  The effect is subtle, but I still really like it.

For the blue seersucker, I added flat piping made from some leftover lightweight denim.

 And since it is bright and sunny, I couldn't resist a matching bucket hat.  I used the 12-24 month size, which just barely fits.  Maybe I should start measuring before I cut...

I've made enough versions of the Tea Party Jumper and Playsuit that putting them together is an easy-breezy project, and they turn out adorable every time.


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