Jul 1, 2013


(Before I start discussing any sort of feeling accomplished, let me preface this business by saying that we have to pay full price for daycare over the summer to hold our spots for the school year.  So, the kids still go to school two or three days a week.  Today was one of those days.  Just want to be honest here--I have no idea how I would get any of this done with my kids running around.)

One of my big goals for the summer is to clean out all of the closets in my house.  Fortunately, we only have five closets.  Unfortunately, we only have five closets.  We live in an adorable little house, with "little" being the operative word in this situation.  Basically, I need to clear out what we don't need, what is no longer useful, and what is old/stained/disgusting, and organize what is left.

Since almost half of my summer break is now gone (*sigh*), I figured I best get started on this project, and the closet in most dire need of attention is my children's.  Please don't judge my ability to mother my children based on the following pictures.

Before:  This is embarrassing on so many levels.  First, that pile of stuff in the closet floor is mostly clothes that my kiddies have outgrown.  Second, the walls of the closet are pink, but the rest of the room is a lovely shade of gray...

There are built-in shelves on one side of the closet that are completely full of crap.  Yes, it's really just crap, as evidenced by Cara's cast on the middle shelf.

A mess of this magnitude intimidates me, but it had to go.  It took me over an hour to figure out how to approach the sorting-of-the-clothing.  In the end, I just pulled it all out to the middle of the floor.

Obviously, that was a brilliant idea.

I will spare you the gritty details.  I am not a great organizer by any stretch, but I am an incredible purger.  I have very little emotional attachment to things that are not currently useful, so I now have four garbage bags full of clothes for Goodwill, three that will find homes with friends, and thirty items washed, ironed, and hung for consignment.  The feeling of accomplishment is indescribable.

After! (Still pink, but look!  There's the floor!)

for the sake of comparison

Lest you think cleaning out a closet was all I did today, let me show you a little baking.

or just a little baking mess

I rarely bake because I am really bad at measuring precisely.  However, I was feeling a little bit domestic goddess today, so I decided to make Skinnytaste's Roasted Strawberry Banana Bread.  It is easy, and it is delish.  

best cleaning-out-the-closet reward ever


  1. Cleaning out the closets calls for dessert for sure!

  2. I have a niece about to turn one in August if you have any cute hand-me-downs! Looks super shiny and clean now. I LOVE purging and organizing.

  3. There's no better feeling than a purged closet. I am a great purger, too. You should have seen what I cleaned out while pregnant and nesting.

  4. Good work, Mama! My house is small, too, and we only have THREE closets (one per bedroom). NO storage outside the bedrooms, unfortunately, so you could imagine what my closets look like. I get ambitious once or twice a year and clean them, but in the end, they end up looking a big collection of organized clothes and junk.

    Yay to baking! I plan to make brownies today (from the box - ha)!

    1. Three closets is a blessing and a curse. I suppose it eliminates those pack-rat tendencies! The box mix is my usual, but I figured if I was going to clean out a closet, I had to go all the way and begin with actual flour. Hope those brownies are yummy! :-)

  5. I LOVE that you shared how your closets look before. It's important in the blog world to show reality and not just the clean portions of your house!

    1. With two kids, the clean portions are few and far between these days! Hats off to my supermama friends with three (adorable) babies! :-)

  6. My closets look like your "before" for sure! Can you come do mine now? ;)


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