Jul 5, 2013


C and C playing together when we got home from Florida--nothing like a few days away to make all the toys new again!

I whipped up a new Tea Party Dress for Cara.  I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to use up my growing fabric stash, and this dress was one of those attempts.

This was what goes on after school: cartoons and gummies.  PS--check out Colin's enormous feet!

A little preview of my next dress

Sometimes I feel like I'm going to forget how to get dressed over the summer because I spend so much time bumming it out in my pajamas.  I got a little disgusted with  myself so I put real clothes on to, um, go to Target.  But, I did find another way to wear my awesome shorts, so it's a win.

July 4th was a rough day for Colin.  He banged his head on the corner of an end table and then he tumbled off the side of the deck.  He needed lots of snuggles.

Cara totally has the water gun thing figured out.  Unfortunately, five minutes after this, she turned that gun on mama...

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  1. Sorry to hear about C's day of accidents. Poor babe. :(

    Love C's dress - very cute! And I always love her pretty wavy hair, too.

  2. I'm sooooooooooooo jealous of people that can sew! You rock! Oh and Target??! Love it. Love your cute shorts!

    Stopping by from Insta-Friday. My first link up and I love it! I think I just may be back every week!

    Love, Traci Michele


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