Jul 19, 2013

back to the 80's

It's been a whirlwind week of sewing, but I finally finished a little outfit for my boy.  He does look rather adorable in it, if I do say so myself.

Colin is only 15 months old, so he's usually pretty indifferent about his clothes.  However, (and it's entirely possible that I imagined this) he seemed really excited when I showed him this outfit.  He was even helpful when I was getting him dressed.  Is there a difference between regular clothes and mama-made clothes?  Colin seems to think so. ;-)

For this outfit, I used the Oliver and S Sketchbook shirt and shorts pattern.  I bought this pattern and then wondered why I was going to spend the time to make a button-down shirt for a toddler who would outgrow it in five minutes.  In the end, the fabric (another freebie from the stash my friend gave me a few weeks ago) won me over, and this shirt ended up being a quick little project.  

I squeezed this this shirt out of probably less than half a yard, so I had to do the yoke out of the shorts fabric.  I like the finished effect though.  And I figured that if I was going to make the boy a wild, 80's shirt, I should just go all the way.

PJ said that the print on the shirt reminded him of Three Men and a Baby, and I think he might be on to something...

I can't recommend this pattern enough.  The size 18-24 months fits Colin perfectly.  The directions are clear and easy to follow, which kind of makes me wish I had made this shirt before I tackled PJ's button down shirt.  I know it's hard to tell from the pictures, but this is an awesome shorts pattern as well.  There are little pleats, pockets, and a faux fly.  I definitely see more versions of the Sketchbook shirt and shorts in Colin's future.  I don't think he'll mind too much.


  1. Oh my gosh he is cute! I love the fabric you used. What a great little outfit. Of course he loves the momma made stuff!

  2. OOOOO I want to just squeeze him! He is oozing with cuteness! Love the '80's look ;)


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