Jul 11, 2013

life lessons and borrowing a third child

We borrowed a third child this week in the form of my seven-year-old niece, Brooklyn.  She and Cara really love each other and get along so well, and they are even willing to humor Colin every now and then.  We've been living it up at VBS in the mornings, playing hard all afternoon, and crashing on a giant air mattress that takes up the entire floor of the kids' room.  

I felt very brave when I volunteered for VBS.  I work with big kids for a reason: little kids in big groups scare the crap out of me.  I am totally game for two or three littles at a time, but handling a group of 52 second-graders makes me feel like heading for the hills. I know it sounds ridiculous, but volunteering for a craft station was a big leap out of my comfort zone.

But seriously?  This week has been so much fun.  I am catching up with some friends, meeting new people, and making Salvation Bracelets with some adorable kids.  My own kiddos have had a blast and maybe even learned a song or two, in addition to a few life lessons.  One of the perks of borrowing a third child has been the abundance of teachable moments.  It's been good for Cara to have a playmate who doesn't want to follow her orders all the time, someone to bicker with a little bit.  This has given me plenty of opportunities to talk about having a pretty heart, as in "Is your heart pretty when you yell at your cousin?"  Life lessons to be had for all.


  1. OOoh, I love the notion of having a "pretty heart"! What a great way to put it. A good reminder for me but I'll have to come up with a "boy" version for my munchkins who are against anything girlie....any suggestions?

    1. How about having a courageous heart? Doing the right thing definitely requires some serious courage! :-)

  2. I was going to say the same thing Krista! That is just an adorable way to say it.


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