Jul 17, 2013

more ice cream + hopscotch

Last week was really busy for us, so I have been enjoying taking it easy and slow this week.  The kids are having fun at school, and I'm catching up on some laundry (IT NEVER ENDS!!!) and a few sewing projects.  Cara likes it when I do this because she is usually the recipient of something new and twirly.

and there she goes!

Cara's skirt is the Hopscotch pattern from Oliver and S.  There is a knit top and dress included in this pattern, and I had every intention of making the top to match the skirt.  In the middle of trying to unpick a zig zag seam on a knit fabric for the third time, I remembered why I am not fond of sewing with knits and tossed the top into the trash.  I do sew with knits occasionally, but at heart, I am a lover of wovens.  I think there might be a coverstitch machine or serger in my future, so maybe then I will find my groove with knits.  Fortunately, I think the skirt makes the Hopscotch pattern worth the price because it is adorable.

I used a pretty heavy twill for this skirt because I want it to last through the winter.  I love those dandelions, especially because it's not an overwhelming print.  There are actual buttonholes on the placket, but I decided to just sew the buttons on top and not cut the buttonholes open.  I don't think there will be a need to unbutton this skirt anyway, not with the elastic in the back.

The pockets on this skirt are such a neat feature, and they were pretty easy to do on the first try.  I'm sure Cara will come home from school this afternoon with these pockets filled to the brim with mulch from the playground.

For the top, I went with the Ice Cream blouse.  The fabrics all came from my stash, which is awesome and also FREE, and I love how the scalloped stitch at the hem turned out.

My next project is a boy outfit--poor Colin really needs some clothes!  Every time I turn around, he is outgrowing his clothes.

Just look at that poor boy stuck in his jammies! :-)


  1. Gorgeous colors on the top! I love the hopscotch too. And your daughter's hair-- gorgeous!

  2. Nothing wrong with pj's!
    Lovely sewing.


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