Sep 29, 2013

the library dress

I am a patient sewer.  I rarely anticipate the release of new patterns, and I tend to take my time planning new projects because, especially during the school year, my sewing time is quite limited and precious.  However, when Oliver and S released the Library Dress and the Art Museum Vest and Trousers, I snatched them both right up.  A classic boys' pattern is so hard to come by, and I love the details in the Library Dress.  I probably should have started on an outfit for Colin first, but I am so drawn to sewing adorable little girl dresses that I couldn't help myself.  The Library Dress had to be first.

I went with all the bells and whistles.  The collar and cuffs were easy to assemble, and I like the bright pop of blue against the busy print of the dress.  I love the print because it reminds me of the flour and sugar sack prints of the 1930's.  (I might have spent a little time at the end of the summer watching Ken Burns' epic documentary on the Dust Bowl because I might be a super-nerd.)  One of my friends said that this looked like an American Girl dress, which I took as the highest of compliments. :-)

I had originally planned to put dark blue buttons down the back, but, as luck would have it, I was three short and the store was sold out.

Cara has been in the midst of a growth spurt lately, so I went with a size 5 for this dress.  She would probably have been fine with a size 4, but she'll be able to wear this dress for a while.  

The best thing about this dress is that Cara whole-heartedly approves of it.  It sat on my desk for a week or two when I ran out of the buttons, and she asked over and over when her new fall dress would be ready.  I love that she loves it.


  1. she is just the cutest thing! yay for having such an enthusiastic model.

    1. She is always enthusiastic! Makes it that much more fun to sew for her!

  2. She is adorable! And that is a lovely, lovely dress.


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