Oct 14, 2013

the Scarlett O'hara skirt (Simplicity 2451)

You may be wondering why I called this skirt "the Scarlett O'Hara skirt."  No, it's not made out of old curtains.  Yes, it is a nice, deep shade of reddish-purple, but there is another reason.  It's a bit tight...

Okay, okay.  It's not exactly as bad as wearing a corset, but it definitely encourages me to suck in the gut. :-)

I used view C of Simplicity 2451, one of the 99 cent patterns I scooped up last weekend.  It's a versatile, easy skirt pattern with lots of room for variation.  I guess I was feeling a little bit brave, so I cut it by a size 10.  (I usually have pretty solid intuition about what size to cut, but I think that only works for independent patterns.  The Big Four trip me up.)  There's a slight tulip shape to this skirt, and I was afraid of being overwhelmed by volume in my hips. I actually think it's fine in the hips, but the waist is just a bit too tight, although I'm holding out hope that my fabric will give with a bit of wear.  I love the design of the curved waistband and pleats--I think this style is very flattering!  Add in the pockets, and I am sold.  

I used a fairly thick fabric from the stash generously donated by my friend over the summer.  It could be considered a fine whale corduroy, maybe.  It's a nice weight and color for fall (and difficult to photograph, it seems).   I subbed a lapped zipper for the invisible zipper recommended by the pattern.  This is definitely becoming my go-to method; I have to watch Sunni's Craftsy video every single time I do it, but it's worth it as the results have been perfect each time.

After a day of wear, I decided that the slight tightness is most certainly not a deal-breaker; it just means I'll wear this one at my natural waist.  I intend to make this pattern again, but I think using a slightly smaller seam allowance on the side seams will give me just enough breathing room. :-)


  1. Ooh your version looks great! I really like the color and slight sheen of your fabric. Here's hoping the waistband relaxes a bit - I'll bet it will.

  2. Great job! You are so talented! I've always wanted to learn how to sew!! (: found you from the WiWW linky! Happy saturday!

  3. wow, so cute! Love this pattern....thanks for sharing! :)


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