Oct 9, 2013

two little fall outfits

Now that the weather is beginning to turn a tiny bit chilly, I decided it was time to do a little stash-busting and whip up a few fall outfits for my little chicks.  I went with the Oliver and S Sailboat Top and Skirt/Pants because I was in the mood for a quick, easy project.  These pieces are adorable, and I like that I can sort of make my kids match without making them match exactly.  

These fabrics all came from my stash.  Cara's top is made out of quilting cotton and the skirt is a heavier weight cotton, maybe a twill.  I've made this same top out of a knit fabric before too, and it works equally well in knits or wovens.  The beauty of a well-designed top.

We did go on a hunt for some special buttons for the shoulders.  Cara likes picking out the perfect buttons for her handmade clothes.

I made Cara a denim version of the Sailboat Skirt last year, and she's still wearing it, so I know this skirt will be worn until it's too small or falls apart.  I used a 4T for both of these pieces--that might end up being a mistake because if Cara hits a growth spurt, this outfit might not make it!

For Colin's outfit, I used the same fabric for the pants as I did for Cara's skirt, but the shirt is made of a light, almost gauzy fabric.  It feels like it must be super comfortable to wear.

I used the 18-24 months size for Colin's outfit, the same size as his Sketchbook Shirt and Shorts, but this top is the tiniest bit snug.  I guess both of my kiddos are ready for a size up.

My little models were not in their best model moods when we took these pictures, so of course, we couldn't get them to smile or even look pleasant at the same time.  Oh well.  They're still cute. :-)

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