Nov 2, 2013

a princess and a tiger

I spent most of October resolved not to sew any Halloween costumes.  Costumes are too temporary for me to feel justified spending hours and hours putting them together, right?  Well...guess what I ended up sewing at the very last minute?

This is what I like to call an "Ariel-inspired" princess gown.   After Cara and I went to see my school's fantastic production of The Little Mermaid, Cara was sold on Ariel as her Halloween costume.  I assumed we would be able to find a lovely Princess Ariel dress at a reasonable price, but I was sadly mistaken.  None of the Ariel costumes we found were lovely or reasonably priced, and then PJ pointed out that if I made Cara a princess dress, she could wear it again when we head to Disney World later this year.  Cara loved that idea.  And so the brainstorming began.

Cara made it all sound so simple.  "Mom, all we need is a green fish tail and little purple seashell boobies!"  *Ahem.*  I decided I wanted this to be a full gown that hinted at the mermaid tail without looking too fishy.  I ended up hacking the Leila and Ben Sweet Dress pattern, adding an elastic casing at the waist and just below the knee.  I also left out the elastic at the bottom edge of the sleeves.

I used about half a yard each of teal satin, purple satin, and some sheer sparkly purple stuff.  I layered the purple satin and the sparkly stuff for the bodice and left the sleeves sheer and fluttery.  

At the bottom, I used about a yard of tulle, layered and lightly gathered.  I used some ribbon to create the casing for the elastic and cover the itchy raw edge of the tulle.  This ended up being a quick, easy project, and I was quite pleased with the results.  

Cara was quite the happy princess.

Colin got a hand-me-down tiger costume, bless his heart.  When he can tell me what he wants to be, I will gladly sew up a custom costume, but he was perfectly happy to be a tiger this year.

a slightly drooly tiger...blame it on those tiger teeth


  1. Such cuties! I can't believe how big Colin is getting!

  2. That is a great Ariel costume! I've seen some rather risque ones around. Love that tiger costume, too.


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