Dec 29, 2013

I know I'm really late, but...

...I just have to share these pictures of my kiddos in their handmade Christmas outfits.

They are decked out in their Oliver and S finest.  The challenge for a mama of a little girl and a little boy is coordinating the outfits without matching them exactly, so I decided to unify them with the red gingham.  I made Colin's Art Museum vest and trousers back in November with the intention of using them for his Christmas outfit, and I added the red gingham Sketchbook shirt, finishing it at the very last minute.  The only issue I came across with Colin's shirt was that I couldn't add a button and buttonhole to the cuffs on the sleeves because they ended up being a little bit tight.  No big deal though--he's worn the sleeves rolled up for the most part.  Cara's dress is the Library dress again, except with red gingham flat piping on the bodice instead of the collar.  The gingham is also on the cuffs, but they aren't flipped up here.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  December was quite a busy month for us, so I'm hoping for a bit of a slow down for the new year.  I feel like I'm always saying that, but it never happens--such is life with two kids and two parents with full-time jobs!  To be honest, I couldn't imagine things any other way. :-)


  1. Tooo cute! I love seeing handmade little boy clothes! And I hear you with the working parents, "how am I going to find time for this?" sentiment. Things will slow down eventually, right?

  2. They are adorable, I love Cara's expressions! I'm always saying that things are going to slow down soon for us too but you're right, it never happens :)


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