Jan 6, 2014

a fairytale princess dress

One of Cara's requests for Christmas was a mama-made princess dress.  Can I just say that I LOVE it when she asks me to sew for her?  Anyway, I originally had these grand plans of pattern alterations and fancy embellishments, but I didn't actually get to start on her dress until two days before Christmas Eve.  I decided to use a pattern that I have been wanting to get my hands on for a while, the Oliver and S Fairy Tale Dress.  The only alteration I made was to use the length of a 12, but the rest of the dress is a size 5.  I found some shimmery sheer purple something-or-other and a little silky polyester and just went for it. (Wait, I lied.  I also left off the collar and used a centered zipper instead of an invisible zipper.)

The shimmery sheer whatever was not so much fun to work with.  It's not all that sturdy or durable, and I was really afraid that I would melt it; however, I like the effect of it layered with the lining fabric.  Originally, I added the tulip sleeves, which are just gorgeous, but Cara hated them.  She refused to wear the dress at all because she said the sleeve seam was itchy.  She was probably right about that--every other seam in this dress is sandwiched between the outer fabric and the lining, and I'm sure that shimmery sheer plastic didn't make for a comfortable armhole.  I ended up taking off the sleeves and binding the armhole with more silky stuff to please my client.  And she is now pleased, especially because she has many purple princess accessories to complete the ensemble.

I really like the Fairy Tale dress pattern--you end up with a classic, fully lined dress that can be fancied up or dressed down depending on the fabric.  I can't wait to make a few more of these when the weather starts to warm up, although I'll probably use a size 6 for the bodice in the future.  This dress is much more fitted in the bodice than other Oliver and S dresses I have sewn, and while the 5 fits fine, I think Cara will be more comfortable with a slightly looser fit.

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