Jan 29, 2014

a tale of two blouses {Simplicity 1693}

Taking pictures of handmade clothing is a funny thing.  I am the most awkward, uncomfortable person ever in front of a camera, and I do not take direction well.  As in, my husband will ask me to turn a little bit this way and I turn 90 degrees.  I doubt I will ever be effortless, but it's a sacrifice I'll make for the sake of documenting my handmade clothing. :-)  Going through the pictures is definitely worth the awkwardness because it does provide a different perspective on what is flattering and what isn't.  I actually started this post with the idea that I liked the fit and style of the second blouse better, but the pictures may have convinced me otherwise.

Blouse #1 is Simplicity 1693 sewn pretty much exactly as the pattern and directions indicate.  I used a smooth, lightweight cotton lawn, which, I think, is perfect for this type of blouse. 

photobombers make me marginally less awkward

I actually finished this top months ago, and even though I've worn it several times and I don't hate it, I had a list of issues that I wanted to correct in a later version.  For example, the neckline is finished with bias tape.  I normally don't mind this finish, but I think I didn't cut my bias strips perfectly on the bias because I have to iron the crap out of the neckline to make it lie flat after this top comes out of the dryer.  I'm not crazy about the hem either...I can't pinpoint where it's wonky, but it seems off somehow...I don't know. 

I am quite a fan of the sleeves, especially with this drapey fabric, but the bust darts are a little bit too low.  Again, the fabric keeps this from being very noticeable, but I wanted to fix them so that I would be able to use thicker or stiffer fabrics too.

I wasn't crazy about the buttonloop in the back either, although it doesn't look as bad as I thought now that I've seen the pictures.  In spite of the list of changes I wanted to make to this pattern, I think Blouse #1 is absolutely wearable as it is.  I started tracing and redrafting around Christmas, and I finally managed to construct Blouse #2 last weekend.

The fabric this time is still lightweight but much stiffer.  Also lots of bright colors.  Whoa.  I drafted facings for the neckline, raised the darts a bit (maybe half an inch?), and lengthened the whole thing by two inches.  However, the biggest change I made is in the back.

I loooove how the buttons in the back turned out!  The buttons are coconut buttons I found on Etsy.  I think I added two and a half inches to the back pattern pieces and extended the neckline facing down the back.  I actually got this idea from the Oliver and S Library dress, and I'm sure other button back patterns use this method.

Don't get me wrong, I like Blouse #2.  I thought I liked it better than Blouse #1, but that was before I saw both in pictures.  I think I like the fabric I used for #1 better--#2's is just too stiff but maybe it will soften up with a few more washings. 

This is what happens when my husband tries to give me direction.  Awkward.


  1. I think I like blouse #1 best but I love the buttons on #2!!! And you think you look awkward? You should see my pictures. All of them ;0) xox

  2. They both look great but number one does have an ease to it that number two doesn't. Could be the drape of the fabric. Awesome tops!

  3. Love the fabrics and you always look so feminine, great job Jessica!

  4. Both blouses are really lovely. The prints are gorgeous!
    Just letting you know that I nominated you for a Liebster blog award. You can see the details on my last post :)


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