Jan 20, 2014

an upcycle for the boy

PJ and I did a pretty significant cleaning out of a few closets in our house right before the new year, which meant that he handed me a pile of old t-shirts and asked if I could use them.  What a silly question.

I fell back on a favorite pattern, the Oliver and S Sailboat top.  I've made this pattern in both knits and wovens, so I was pretty sure it would work well with t-shirt knits.

For this first shirt, I drew bit of inspiration from Alabama Chanin and handstitched the facings and applique with gray button craft thread.  I didn't bother to hem the sleeves, and I skipped the hem facing because I used the original hem of the t-shirt.  Occasionally, laziness pays off. :-)

 This "cheese" face kills me!  Cutest boy ever.

Shirt refashion #2 began life as an iconic PJ shirt that he wore until the side seams were full of holes.  I really think I remember PJ in this t-shirt when we were dating.  Anyway, the super soft fabric and the holey seams made this t-shirt a perfect upcycle candidate.

This time, I wanted to keep the stripe in the chest of the shirt and also keep the number on the sleeve, literally just shrink this shirt into a toddler boy shirt.  In the same spirit of laziness, I still left the sleeves unhemmed, but I did use the hem facing this time. 

Colin's newest model pose

 Or maybe he was just trying to ignore that camera in his face.  Doesn't matter--STILL CUTE.


  1. CUTE!!! I think I need that pattern. I love the classic look of the neckline!

  2. I LOVE the buttons on the shoulders... makes the regular shirt amazing. I'm loving project Run and PLay! I also linked up this week, a recycled Sweater...Emily@nap-timecreations


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