Jan 2, 2014

happy new year!

Welcome, 2014!  I love a fresh start as much as the next person, but strangely, the new year doesn't feel like that to me.  I tend to do my goal-setting at the start of the new school year since that truly represents something new--new routine, new classes, new students, and this year, KINDERGARTEN for my baby girl (writing those words hurts my heart a little bit).  However, the new year definitely feels like a good time to pause and reflect.

The blog has taken an interesting turn this year.  I started out four years ago writing about my experiences as a new mom and continued that path for quite a while, transitioning from "new" mom to mom-of-two.  I have always written about what I wanted to write about, and this year, that shifted from mom stuff to sewing stuff.  There are plenty of reasons for the change, but a big one is that I feel a lot more competent in my skills, which means I might have a little something to contribute to the world of internet sewing.  I find so much inspiration and guidance from what other sewing folks have shared that I want to join in the conversation.  Does this mean that I have the whole mom thing figured out?  Haha, absolutely not.  My kids are getting older though---there are no babies in my house anymore--and they deserve a chance to write their own stories.  I'm sure I will continue to share a little of their lives here and, of course, many pictures, but I have enjoyed documenting my sewing progress on the blog this year and plan to continue on in that direction until a new obsession steals my attention. ;-)

My reflections for this year's end mainly focus on sewing projects, of which there are many.

Exhibit A:  Kid Sewing (I only included Oliver and S projects here because that has been pretty much my favorite children's pattern company ever in the world.)

1.  Art Museum Vest and Trousers, Sketchbook Shirt, Library Dress (Christmas outfits)
2.  Ice Cream Dress (Cara's birthday dress)
3.  Tea Party Playsuit (Colin has grown so very much since this picture.  Wow.)
4.  Bucket Hat from Little Things to Sew
5.  Sailboat Pants
6.  Tutu from Little Things to Sew (This one never made it to the blog, but it's still pretty cute.)
7.  Ice Cream Blouse
8.  Bubble Dress (minus the bubble hem)
9.  Sketchbook Shirt and Shorts (Even though it's pretty loud and maybe a bit gaudy, I think this is my favorite kid outfit of the year.)
10.  Library Dress
11.  Hopscotch Skirt
12.  Bubble Dress (I love this picture of Cara.  She is too cool.)
13.  Tea Party Dress
14.  Sailboat Top and Pants
15.  Sailboat Top and Skirt
16.  Tea Party Playsuit
17.  Tutu (again)

I already have a few finished kid projects that I need to document for 2014.  I want to do more sewing for the boy since I have a few good patterns in my stash now, and I plan to give Cara more creative control.  She is becoming very opinionated about what she wears (MORE DRESSES, MOM!!), and there's absolutely no point in sewing something for her if she doesn't like it in the end.

Exhibit B:  Selfish Sewing

1.  Alabama Chanin inspired Renfrew (one of my favorite tops)
2.  Simplicity 2451 (This one has already been given away.  I hope my skinny-minny sister enjoys it. :-)
3.  Alabama Chanin inspired Renfrew (another favorite)
4.  Colette Patterns Licorice (I had some issues with the fit of this dress.  I still wore it, but I made another one with the needed alterations that I like so much better.  Unfortunately, the better version never made it to the blog.  Maybe in 2014?)
5.  Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank and Pattern Runway Sweet Shorts (I wore both of these pieces quite a bit over the summer, though not often together.)
6.  Simplicity 2444 (I still love this dress, even though it isn't lined and the bodice is a little big.  It's a pattern I plan to use again in 2014.)
7.  Victory Patterns Hazel (I'm really proud of this dress because it was my first sewing experience with fancier fabric.  I love wearing it.)
8.  Sewaholic Cambie (Love, love, love this dress.)
9.  Another Sewaholic Cambie (Love this one too.  I think these patterns are drafted with my body in mind.)

I have a lot of undocumented garments that I made for myself.  A few were repeats of a pattern I had already used, a few were kind of unremarkable (there are four Sorbettos in my closet but zero on the blog), and sometimes I was just too busy to take pictures and write up a post.  In 2014, I'm hoping to fill in some wardrobe gaps with a few versatile skirts, maybe a button down shirt or two, and lots and lots of dresses.  I am dress lover at heart.  (And what was that I was saying earlier about my daughter... )

Exhibit C: The finished project of which I am most proud

I made a man's shirt.  It's definitely not perfect (and PJ does not wear it), but I learned a lot about precision in my sewing and attention to detail.  I said that I was going to make PJ another shirt for his birthday, but that fabric is still sitting in my stash.  In 2014, PJ is getting another shirt.

Cheers to 2014!  I hope everyone has a marvelous new year!


  1. I love all the patterns you choose. That is to say I like the end result, I have no idea about what makes a good pattern :)

    1. Thanks, Krista! I hope you and your family had a happy New Year!


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