Jan 23, 2014

reverse applique onesie

One of the reasons I love sewing is making and giving baby gifts.  I've been so inspired by Alabama Chanin lately that I have been itching for a good excuse to practice a bit.  A teeny tiny onesie is the perfect excuse!

The reverse applique color in the pictures is a bit darker than it is in real life; it's actually the same purple knit from my Renfrew.  I left the knots on the outside to keep this soft against the baby's skin and because I like the texture in the center of the flowers and at the ends of the leaves.  This onesie is actually the final draft after two rough drafts...cutting away the top layer is more difficult than it seems.  One big lesson learned here is to knot off frequently--this makes it much easier to *ahem* replace sections when the scissors misbehave. 


  1. I attempted some reverse applique a while back and had the same issues with cutting away. What a cool baby gift! Not your usual pink frills or polka dots.

    1. It definitely takes a steady hand and some practice. I'm planning a dress with reverse applique all over--I have the fabric and everything, but I'm still a little intimidated.


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