Jan 26, 2014

this is why I can't have an Etsy shop

Back in October, I offered a custom handmade dress in a friend's adoption auction.  Another friend won the dress, and we emailed about styles, patterns, and fabric, and then...*crickets*

Bless her heart for being patient with me because she didn't get her dress until mid-January.  Fortunately, her daughter's birthday isn't until April, so it all worked out fine.  Every now and then, someone will ask me why I don't take orders more often or have an Etsy shop, and I think the real problem for me is deadlines.  I'm terrible at deadlines.  I guess my real job is another good reason.  I know it may look like I was quite the productive sewist in January, but really, I was productive while I was out of school after Christmas.

Anyway, my friend chose the Oliver and S Bubble dress in two coordinating fabrics.  I love the earth tones for this one--it's pretty and girlie without being over the top.  So sweet for a first birthday!

I really love those buttons.
I added a herringbone stitch to the bodice to keep with the earthy vibe.

The bloomers are from the Tea Party dress pattern, and I usually hate making diaper covers, but I really like how this pair turned out.  I think it's the tiny ruffle at the waist. :-)

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  1. This is so sweet, you're making me wish I had a girl ;)


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