Feb 13, 2014

dreaming of spring

Just so you know, I live in SOUTH CAROLINA, so I have no idea what is going on right now.

I can't think of any good reason why my front yard and driveway look like this.  My husband estimates that over the past two days, we've gotten between 6 and 8 inches of snow, maybe more, and it's still coming down.  What is this??  I hate snow.  I like having a few unexpected days off, but I also like spring break and getting out of school in early June, and I'm afraid we might lose those treats as make up days.  Ick.  I promise I will not complain about the heat and humidity this summer. 

I've been entertaining myself by deep cleaning my house (and sneezing a lot), but when that gets boring, I turn to sewing.  Now that Cara has adopted my old Felicity doll as her very own, she has begun requesting matching dresses.  Fortunately, my mom collected a few doll patterns when I was a little girl requesting matching dresses, but she kept with the Revolutionary War time period and made beautiful, detailed skirts and stomachers and lace up jackets to match my dresses. (On a side note, I should really showcase these dresses on the blog at some point.  They are impressive.  Way to go, Mom!)  She actually had the American Girl sewing patterns for both Felicity and Kirsten (who are both archived--what?? And there are no sewing patterns to be found in the AG online store, although I have run across downloads of the patterns online.)  I picked the simplest pattern in the bunch, which is actually an underwear pattern.  Haha! 

This is a basic shift dress with an elastic neckline.  This is the only pattern that I don't have the original directions for, so I had to wing it, but it turned out fine.  Felicity looks rather fabulous in her modern dress.

Cara's dress is the Oliver and S Ice Cream dress.  My goal was to make a replacement for her favorite dress from last summer, which she has now outgrown.  The features she liked the most were the pink butterflies and the sequins.  My favorite feature was that I had to shorten the lining because it hung down further than the outer layer of the dress.  Gotta love RTW.

These butterflies were just too perfect paired with the bright pink, and of course, I added a few sequins to the front using a little French knot.

 I'm so glad I have a few wooden heart buttons leftover from this dress.

My client has gotten a little bit more picky about how her clothes feel, and I knew she would love the sequins but complain about the knots on the inside of the dress, so I underlined the main dress pieces with a little leftover Bemberg rayon.  She loves the silky insides now, and I managed French seams in spite of the multiple layers.

 I love it when all of the raw edges are hidden.  It's the little things.

My client was quite pleased with both dresses and declared them perfect for tiny dancers.

 a few practice moves

 Nailed it.

So cute! :-)


  1. So impressed! And oh my goodness Jessica she is adorable!! And also, how in the world does your Felicity doll look that good? Her hair looks perfect! My mom has my Samantha and Felicity dolls tucked away so seeing this has me excited to pass them on to Cora one day.

    1. Thank you so much, Courtney!

      I got Felicity in later elementary school (I think), and I was a little obsessed with keeping her in really good condition and collecting all of her little things. At one point, I remember wrapping up all of her dresses in tissue paper and packing them away in a storage bench I had for her. When I gave her to Cara, I had to let go of all that and accept that Cara was going to love her to pieces, maybe literally. Haha! However, I made the mistake of looking up how much Felicity goes for on Ebay. Don't do it, especially since Samantha has also been retired. :-) I figured that if Felicity ends up in really bad shape, I would guess she can be repaired at the AG store, which I heard was coming to Charlotte.

  2. I read so many of the AG books but my mean mom wouldn't buy me the dolls. ): Man Cara is too much cuteness- I could just eat her up.


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