Feb 18, 2014

in progress

All those snow days should have lead to some major sewing productivity, but I've been a little stuck lately.  Simplicity 1801 should not be a difficult dress.  However, I decided to make it difficult by adding a lining to the entire dress, and now I'm stumped by inserting the zipper.  I invested a lot of time in the details of construction and fit, altering the bodice and facings to raise the neckline and remove a bit of length, finishing the facings with bias tape.  The insides are lovely, but I can't get motivated to finish the dang thing.

In the meantime, I'm still completely obsessed with Alabama Chanin, and I've been working on a muslin of the fitted tank from Alabama Studio Sewing and Design.  I had to raise the neckline a bit (this seems to be a common alteration for me), so muslin round 2 is in progress.  I'm sure my Instagram friends are really tired of seeing my progress on these projects...sorry about that.  I just can't stop.

And, just because they're so stinking cute, here's a picture of my kids playing together.  Nicely.  Willingly.  This was definitely the best part of our snow-cation.

1 comment:

  1. I am loving all your hand embroidery work! super cute stuff.


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