Mar 30, 2014

the boy is two

Colin turned two back on the 19th, and I have to say, two might be my favorite moment of toddler-hood.  Colin at two is the best combination of sweet, squishy, rebellious, and hilarious.   One minute, he wants to snuggle and cuddle and "bwush uh hair, Mama" (apparently, my hair is quite twirl-able), and the next minute, the boy is all "noooo! my turn!!" I came to the realization recently that I don't have any babies in my house anymore, and I think it hit me so hard because Colin seems more "big kid" than Cara did at two.  Of course, he has a real big kid to keep up with, and he definitely holds his own.  Cara gets wrestled to the ground by her little brother fairly regularly, but he also plays with his fair share of princesses and dolls.  After seeing him decked out in jewelry and crowns a few too many times, I decided it was time for the boy to have his own dress up/adventure clothes.  (Not that there's anything wrong with boys dressing up in jewelry and crowns--I'm all for letting the imagination run free--however, the traditional boy options were a bit limited over here.)

I never thought I'd see the day when I wandered into the fabric store in search of camouflage.  I went in picturing something more abstract and walked out with what my husband called "real tree."  I still don't know what that means exactly, but he approved of my camo choice.  I used the Explorer Vest pattern from Little Things to Sew in the smallest size. Oliver and S never does me wrong.  I wanted this vest to be fully reversible, so I used patch pockets for both sides so that they wouldn't be too bulky, and I left off the buttons so that Colin could get this on and off by himself.  I originally intended for this vest to be strictly for dress-up and playing at home, but it turned out so cute that I might consider letting Colin wear it out in public.  This is South Carolina, after all.

To go with the vest, I also added the Bucket Hat from Little Things to Sew, again reversible.  It took the largest size for this hat to fit on Colin's giant noggin. :-)

Colin's enthusiasm for this little camo ensemble comes and goes.  When I first showed him the vest, he told me that he didn't like it.  Fortunately, I have thick skin and lots of patience.  It took a week of leaving it sitting around before he brought it me and asked for help putting it on.  Score one for Mom!

I tried to explain to Colin that he could hide in the woods in the backyard in his camouflage, and he really liked that idea.  He was not such a huge fan of taking pictures.

However, Cara knows how to get her brother tickled: hide behind a tree and play peek-a-boo.


  1. Gorgeous! In every possible way... :)

  2. Happy birthday, Colin! Camo has never looked quite so good! And that picture of him playing peekaboo is just precious!

  3. Oh my goodness, those faces! He is adorable. Happy birthday, Colin!

  4. I LOVE the peek-a-boo pictures!! I would love to see what the sibling relationship looks like reversed (older sister: little brother as compared to the older brother: little sister that we have over here.) I bet there are lots of similarities and cute reversals. I love how you described Colin at two. :) I think of Cora as the opposite - she is more baby to me than I remember Jack being at this age.

  5. you have the world's cutest kids. and they wear the world's cutest clothes. so much cute i may explode.


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