Apr 23, 2014

{almost} victory for ava

Oh, Ava.  I love the look of this pattern so much, with all of the feminine details and variations.  Unfortunately, this pattern almost broke me.

I used a very lightweight chambray for my blouse, which worked really nicely for cutting and sewing but not so nicely for ripping out seams.  Everything went smoothly until it was time to attach the bodice at the sweetheart seam.  The directions seemed to make sense until I actually tried to execute them.  I haven't read much about other people having issues with this step in the pattern, but I did find this incredibly helpful tutorial.  It took me five tries to get this neckline in decent shape, and I'm afraid my fabric suffered a bit in the process.  After that point, I basically had to redo every single step.  Frustration creates a vicious cycle, and I ended up dissatisfied with everything I did.  I feel like this top looks homemade.  Maybe it's just a mental block because of my sewing experience. 

I think I like the fit of this top.  I cut a four in the shoulders and graded to a six at the waist.  I inserted the side zipper, hated it, and decided to take it out because I could shimmy in and out of the top fairly easily. (Again with the seam ripping though.)  I don't mind the looser fit at all, especially because of the lightweight, floaty chambray.

I love the cap sleeves.  They're not perfect, but I like how they balance the peplum.  If I make this blouse again, I will probably omit the sweetheart neckline, like this version.


  1. Pretty, the chambray is lovely :)

  2. I don't see any issues with that curved seam. It's looks nice and flat to me. The shape of this top is really cute. I've always liked this pattern, too. Love the chambray! It's one of my favorite fabrics.

    1. Thank you for the reassurance! :-) I like it a lot more now that I've worn it.

  3. I love it, and it looks great on you. The chambray is so pretty & works so well with the pattern. I know what you mean about attaching the sweetheart neckline though - I've made 2 Ava's and had trouble with both, though I still love them. I hope the problems fade into vague memories & you get lots of wear from it :-)


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