Apr 19, 2014

looking sharp

One of the sewing projects on my Spring Break list was to whip up a little something for the boy so that he can look sharp for Easter.  Fancy dresses are standard for Easter, so clearly, the boy needs something equally as fancy.

Colin is at a funny moment for fancy boy clothing.  On the one hand, I want to dress him up in little jon-jons forever, but for some reason, that doesn't feel right anymore.  He's more little boy than baby.  I don't necessarily want him dressed like a little old man, but he needs something that suits his personality more than a jon-jon would.  (Obviously, I am overthinking little boy clothing.)  I decided to make another Oliver and S Art Museum vest because I cannot make enough of these little vests (see the corduroy version here).  Oh, the cuteness!

Those welt pockets are perfection in stripes.

I spent way too long trying to decide between the classic Art Museum trouser and the Sketchbook shorts.  I debated this out loud to a friend, and she said that Easter is the perfect time to show off chubby knees.  She is absolutely right.

I love this shorts pattern so much that I've actually whipped up three more pairs for the boy.  And when I say "whipped up," that's exactly what I mean.  This pattern comes together super fast and with quite a professional result.  I can't wait to see how cute the boy looks in his Easter outfit next to his sister in her fancy dress!

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