Apr 21, 2014


 I am not one to jump on the bandwagon of brand new patterns.  I actually prefer to let everyone else on the internet try out a new pattern, work through the quirks and kinks, and explain it all to me before I try it out.  (And there are some really lovely versions of this dress out there.  See here, here, here, and here.)  Of course, with the Sewaholic Saltspring, there are virtually no quirks and kinks.  This is a most lovely pattern.

The true genius of this pattern is the lining.  (There are so many explanations of this technique out there that I feel ridiculous even mentioning it.)  The lining ends up shorter than the bodice, which is what creates the blousing, but it also means that the lining fits pretty closely.  The result is zero gaping at the neckline, which is really awesome when you have little kiddos to chase around.  Moving without feeling exposed is kind of important to me.  However, this dress does feel a little odd because it looks a lot different than it feels.  I expected it a looser fit, and I thought I had cut a size too small, but once everything came together, I realized all was well.  I can wiggle into this dress without much trouble, so I left out the zipper in the back.

This is a perfect pattern for a beginner.  The elastic at the waist is forgiving to any mishaps, there are no darts to worry about, and it's a fabulous showcase for gorgeous fabric.  Speaking of fabric, this was my birthday present from my mama.  She came up to visit me right around my birthday, and we visited a huge fabric store nearby.  My mom knows exactly what I want, and she told me to pick out something I loved.  Thank you so much, Mama!


  1. What a gorgeous dress! Effortlessly stylish and carefree - exactly as a summer dress should be :)

  2. Beautiful! I've always really liked this pattern though I rarely splurge for indie patterns. Might have to for this one. It looks like the perfect summer dress.

    1. I know what you mean about the prices. I have found that every Sewaholic pattern I've splurged for has been worth it.

  3. was it mary jos? I have been meaning to get up there for a while.


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