May 3, 2014

me-made-May: week 1


My pledge for Me Made May is to wear something me-made at least five days a week with no exact outfit repeats.  In preparation for the handmade clothing parade, I moved all of my me-made garments to one side of my closet so that I could get a clearer picture of the challenge ahead of me.  And challenge it may be.  I'm pretty confident that there will be some repeated pieces, probably several times, and I've already started to realize the gaps in my handmade closet.  I have not made any pants, and so far, I haven't had any burning desire to start.  My first love is definitely the dress, followed closely by skirts and tops.  However, I don't have that many tops that I really love.  Fortunately, the Belcarra and Alma blouse patterns are currently on their way to my house.  Yay!

May 1:
on Colin: Oliver and S Sketchbook Shorts (unblogged)

There is no better way to start than with perfect weather and my favorite me-made dress.  The kids were very excited to get in on the picture-taking action, and they look rather adorable in their mama-made outfits.  

May 2:
on the kids: yay for Target!

The kids didn't wear any handmade clothes this time, but they still wanted to take a picture.  Who am I to say no? :-)  I really like this skirt--it's comfortable and versatile, and it fits really well.

May 3:

No kids this time.  They were off riding bikes and being superheros.  I'm calling this entire outfit me-made since I cut those shorts off myself. :-) Me-Made-May was a good thing for me on a Saturday morning as it encouraged me to actually get dressed, which is something I generally avoid on Saturdays.  Now I'm decent enough to go to the grocery store!

So far, so good.


  1. Beautiful you, kids and that dress!!! Love your mmm14 so far!

  2. Jessica, I am so impressed!! I LOVE that skirt!

  3. I really, really love the tank and dress you made!

  4. That print on your dress is so sweet!
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place


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