May 8, 2014

me-made-May: week 2

Here goes another week of me-made clothing!

May 4:
on Colin: Oliver and S Sketchbook Shorts (unblogged)

I may have decided that this is the last time I wear this dress.  The fit really bothers me (see that extra fabric right under the bust?), but I think it feels worse than it looks.  The lining is a cheap poly that collects lots of static and doesn't breathe well.  Also, I didn't realize how much taller Cara has gotten lately until I looked at my original post about her dress.  This one covered her knees last year.  I guess it's just one more sign that she's turning into a big girl.  She even lost her first tooth a few weeks ago!  I can't take it...

May 5:
on me: Victory Patterns Ava blouse, Simplicity 1541 skirt (unblogged)
on Cara: twirly skirt loosely based on the Market Skirt from MADE (unblogged)
on Colin: Oliver and S Sketchbook Shorts again (unblogged)

Today is a two-for-one.  For as much as I was "meh" about this blouse, it is really growing on me.  I finished this red skirt over the weekend.  I couldn't find many reviews for Simplicity 1541, which is odd because this is a great skirt pattern.  It has princess seams in the front, and it's one of Simplicity's Amazing Fit patterns, so there are three different skirt backs depending on your shape.  I went with average this time, but I might switch to curvy next time.  There is a lot LESS ease in this pattern than is usual in Simplicity patterns, but it was also really easy to construct and fit.  This skirt is actually just a muslin that turned out to be quite wearable.

May 6:

What a sad iphone mirror selfie.  I am really terrible at these.  My husband had to head out for a quick business trip, so this is all I can manage when I'm in single mama mode.  I know it's hard to tell, but I'm wearing some pretty awesome cropped navy skinnies.  The Gap is the reason that I don't sew pants--I swear their pants are designed for my body.  Also, I'm noticing a red theme so far this week.

May 7:
on me: Colette Patterns Licorice Dress (unblogged)

This is the better version of the Licorice dress that never made it to the blog.  I shortened it at the waist by an inch, and the extra fabric pooling under the bust disappeared.  It was sort of a lazy project--I used free fabric and skipped the lining, collar, and sleeves, but I think this is one of my most worn me-made items.

May 8:
Colette Patterns Sorbetto (unblogged)

I am over myself, so I cropped my head out of this picture. :-) That's what taking daily outfit pictures does to me.  However, I am really proud that I have worn something handmade every single day so far.  I already have a better idea of what my next projects need to be and which items just need to leave my closet to find a better home.


  1. Some great clothes you are wearing for MMM14, I haven't been photographing what I've been wearing. But I'm enjoying looking at others weekly round ups. I love how your kids are wearing homemade too. Mine will always choose homemade clothes over RTW but they just haven't got enough to keep up with demand. Guess I'd better spend more time sewing!

    1. The highest sewing compliment ever is when the kids would rather wear mama-made than RTW.

  2. Popped over here from the MMM flickr pool. So wonderful to see all the outfits, both big and little! I love your lazy version of the licorice dress, and can totally see why it's becoming a favourite of yours.

  3. Your MMM has been very stylish! And I'm so impressed by what you've made for your children; they look wonderful!

    1. Thank you so much! I began sewing for my children, so whenever I get into a sewing funk, I go back to that. daughter is becoming much more picky about the styles she likes. :-)

  4. sigh- when YOU need a "curvy" fit, what chance do I have of ever finding pants that fit my bottom?

    1. Sarah, this is why sewing is awesome. You can absolutely make clothing that fits you and makes you feel great--there is so much out there to help you learn how to alter patterns for fit. It makes you leave behind the judgement of ready-to-wear labels and sizes and learn to appreciate your own body. I am about to be out of school for the summer and I would LOVE to get you started sewing clothing. :-)

  5. well hubby and I are going on vacation for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! it's a bit of a belated honeymoon and a trip my grandmom wants to take before she dies (seriously, that's what she said), all rolled into one. We will be back on June 6th though, so any time after that?

  6. also- I have different Google account for work and personal, and I just realized that is why I sometimes post as Sarah, and other times it's spe.


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