May 16, 2014

me-made-May: week 3


 May 12:

Sorry for the mirror selfie again--it's all I had time for in the midst of returning to work after a long weekend out of town.  Must clean that mirror.  Wearing this dress makes me remember how much I love this pattern.  I need to work on fitting the bodice though; I'm thinking that I'll end up going down a size, and I must do something about the gaping at the front neckline.  I love this style though, and it's on my list of patterns to make again.

May 13:

Colette Patterns Sorbetto (unblogged)

This is a top that I refashioned last year from one of my husband's dress shirts that had a rip in the sleeve.  I took the shirt apart and used the button-down front as the back of the new top.  I had some navy polka dot bias tape in my stash leftover from my Taffy blouse a few years ago, and that was that.  Free pattern, second-hand fabric, leftover notions.

May 14:
Meringue skirt from the Colette Sewing Handbook (unblogged)

I made this skirt two summers ago, but I never put it on the blog.  I am always a little hesitant to pull out my Meringue skirts because I feel a little weird in A-line skirts.  I have no particular reason for this, and these skirts are not an exaggerated A-line, so what is my deal...

May 15:
Sewaholic Belcarra Blouse (not blogged yet)

To say that I love this blouse would be an understatement.  I whipped this baby up the night before I wore it, and I just barely managed to squeeze it out of one meter of delicious Nani Iro double gauze.  I see many, many Belcarras in my future, and this one definitely deserves a proper post. 

May 16:

My first Me-Made-May repeat is, fittingly, my newest favorite dress.  However, I'm wearing it with a cardigan and a different pair of shoes than last weekend, so it's all still in keeping with my original pledge of no exact outfit repeats.

A few observations from week 3:
  • I am really terrible at iphone selfies.  It's kind of pitiful, actually.
  • Speaking of pictures, that part of this challenge is getting old.  
  • Even though it's really annoying, taking pictures of my outfits provides a different perspective of how my clothes look on me, and it's eye-opening to realize that one style is unexpectedly flattering (for example, my Meringue skirt) while something else is a bit disappointing (I'm looking at you, refashioned Sorbetto).
  • I've been very hesitant to get rid of handmade garments that do not fit into my wardrobe for whatever reason, but I'm beginning to feel more comfortable with the idea.  It's time for a few things to move on. 

1 comment:

  1. I really like your MEringue and actually thought so while scrolling down. I like all of your outfits.

    One of the most important things during MMMay is to see how the clothes look on you from an outside perspective. For a while I took pictures of all my outfits, without putting them online, and it's good for seeing how things look in real life. Plus it's always fun to see how all of our me-mades are styled and how different patterns are worn on different women and bodies.


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