May 23, 2014

me-made-May: week 4

May 19:

I am kind of amazed that this skirt still exists, as it was one of my very first adult sewing projects.  As with my last Meringue skirt, I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I like this outfit.  Meringue skirts for the win!

May 20:
Simplicity 1541 (unblogged)

Another Me-Made-May repeat, but I'm really digging this skirt.  It's only downfall--major wrinkling after sitting. 

May 21:
Sewaholic Belcarra Blouse (not blogged yet)

So, I'm now on my second Belcarra blouse with a third one already cut out and ready for construction.  I just love this pattern.  It's so easy to wear.

May 22:

Another repeat, but I replaced the bolero with denim jacket to make this a more work appropriate outfit.  This dress is super comfortable to wear, and it makes me feel like a rock star.  I'm starting to think that a closet full of Alabama Chanin-style garments might not be a bad thing.

May 23:
Victory Patterns Ava Blouse

Aaaannnddd it's another repeat.  This is another meh item that has really grown on me.  There is no beating the shape of this peplum blouse--the waistline hits in the most perfect spot, and it also happens to be really comfortable.

A few thoughts on week 4:
  • What I really want to wear are skirts and dresses.  I've been on a blouse-making kick lately, but I'm going to need some skirts in order to create actual outfits.
  • But also more dresses.
  • The iphone camera makes the picture-taking part of this challenge a lot less stressful.  Once I quit trying to take pictures every morning with the real camera and let go of that pressure, I realized that Me-Made-May doesn't require much extra effort at all.  
  • I've really enjoyed seeing how other people incorporate their handmade garments into their daily wear on Instagram too. (I'm jessicakcooper over there.)  So much inspiration!

1 comment:

  1. Another great week! I really like the way you put outfits together; you have such a great knack for making pieces look like they were just meant to go together. Much as I'm reveling in our autumn/winter down under at the moment, your photos are making me feel a bit wistful for warmer weather!


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