May 25, 2014

new developments

There have been some interesting developments around the Cooper household lately.  One of our children seems to be trying to grow up.  While we have not granted explicit permission, this process has been so cute that Cara seems to think her parents condone this activity.

Yesterday, we went to the mall, which doesn't sound all that revolutionary or unusual except that we never do it.  It's one of those things that has been replaced with online shopping or just staying home because two kids.  Anyway, we went yesterday, and Cara thought she hit jackpot.  The wonder and amazement in her voice as she exclaimed over all the stuff was hilarious.  "Mom, have you ever seen such a beautiful toaster?"  "Mom, when I'm a grown up and a parent, I'm going to get all my things here!"  And that was just while we were in Belks.

She became particularly fascinated by the purses (it's genetic), and decided that big girls have purses and she needed a real one.  Not a play purse or dress up purse, but a big girl purse to hold all the things.  A word of advice, other parents of big girls, department stores are not the place for this.  Claire's is a much better option.

And so, to Claire's we went, maneuvering poor Colin in his stroller through the smallest spaces imaginable as he grabbed every sparkly headband in sight.  Fortunately, Cara found the perfect real purse: cross-body to keep the hands free, purple because it's always been her fav, and a heart closure.  And she does love it, so much that she has not left the house without it since.

Look!  Versatility!

In addition to a new purse, Cara has also been in need of some new skirts, as she has had the audacity to get taller lately.  I used Made's layered skirt tutorial for this little baby.  It took less than a yard of fabric and maybe two hours, tops.  I lengthened the ruffle pieces and connector pieces to five inches in the hopes that this skirt would hit just below the knees so that it *might* see us through to next summer.

As much as I hate to admit, Cara's desire for all things big girl might just be warranted.  I mean, the girl does need somewhere to keep all the money that the Tooth Fairy keeps having to cough up.

Okay, she can stop it now.

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