Jun 14, 2014

lemonade out of lemons (and other cliches)

I have pretty good luck with my sewing projects most of the time, especially lately.  Even if there is some frustration involved in the process, the end product is generally wearable.  Unfortunately, even luck isn't going to be able to save this dress.

This is the Gathered Sundress by Pattern Runway, and it seems to have many features that I thought I would love in a summer dress: princess seams, lined bodice, separate waistband for definition, POCKETS with a cute gathered detail, etc, etc.  I also really love this fabric.  I've been eyeing batiks lately, and this one has so many lovely pinks and purples and greens and blues swirled together plus a dash of gold.  I swooned.

My hopes were quite high.  The bodice seemed to fit perfectly when I tried it on in progress (although I quickly realized that the colors in this dress closely match the colors in my skin--it's not a flattering look for me), but once I added the lining, it gaped quite a bit at the armholes.  Maybe I stretched out the curves as I added the lining?  It doesn't look stretched to me, but who knows.  The waist is quite tight, even though I measure precisely at the size I chose, and I even shortened the bodice by an inch to make sure the waistband would fall at my actual waist.  Sigh.  I expected the skirt to have a little bit of fullness, but it doesn't really, and there's a strange pulling at the side seams--it's like the gathers at the back waist force the side seams to angle toward the front.  That makes no sense, and I can't come up with a way to fix it except to say that maybe I needed to size up from the waist down.  At any rate, this dress makes me look like a tree trunk, and I would love to find someone whom this dress would fit so that I can add the zipper and hem and send this one away with love and well-wishes.

In spite of all the challenges, I still love this fabric, and I had a little over a yard left.  My redemption came in the Oliver and S Hula Hoop skirt, a fun, flippy, reversible skirt perfect for my almost five-year-old.

Cara took this skirt on a playtime test drive this morning, so bless her heart, her hair is a mess and her shirt is already dirty, but who cares.  The Hula Hoop skirt is playtime approved.  I paired my lovely batik with a tiny yellow floral that I had in my stash.  It's quite an unusual fabric combination, but the colors work and I like it.

See that purse?  She really doesn't go anywhere without it. Such a funny girl.

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  1. Oh no.. all that effort. It looks fantastic on the hanger though. The little skirt is ace, she looks a smasher in it. So twirly.


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