Jun 23, 2014

the story of summer

 I think the best thing in the world is to be a kid in the summer. 
Mine have barely gotten out of their bathing suits, and with good reason.  Our local pool has the best friends and water slides ever.

C and C sandwiching some sweet little friends.

One of the things that has amazed me the most is how quickly my two kiddos have become little fish.  Colin was very hesitant on our first day.  He stayed in my arms or in my lap for at least the first half hour and then would only walk around the kiddie pool holding my hand.  On our second visit, he warmed up to the toddler slide, and by our third visit, he was basically telling me to back off while he handled all the kiddie pool slides by himself.  In the meantime, Cara has been teaching herself how to swim underwater and begging us to take her to the big pool so that she can practice.  She's even mastered the big slides.

These lifeguards are pretty amazing.  They give the kids a color-coded bracelet according to swim ability and then catch the non-swimmers at the end of the slides.  This seems well above the call of duty, but it means that Cara can slide over and over and over, and I can just watch. :-)
little girl, big slide

Last week, Cara participated in a soccer day camp, so Colin and I got a little alone time in the mornings.  We spent some time at the park and at the pool, but Colin really missed his sister.  They have been constant companions, and Colin missed his playmate.  Seeing their friendship grow has been one of my favorite parts of summer break.  That, and not having an alarm clock.

Of course, there is always a bit of sewing going on.  I found this rainbow polka dot cotton on a fabric shopping trip with my mom, and I snapped it up as soon as I saw it.  Is there anything more perfect for an almost-five-year-old girl than rainbow polka dots?  Cara's favorite dress right now is the Oliver and S Fairy Tale dress--this is a match made in heaven.

I think she likes her new dress.

Cara's soccer camp had a pirate/ninja dress up day, so I decided Jake and Izzy costumes were in order as my kiddos binge-watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Netflix.  I do love how these dress up costumes turned out.

For Izzy's top, I used the Leila and Ben Sweet Dress pattern as the base.  Then, I added ruffles to the sleeve with a decorative scallop stitch at the edge, and I drafted a scallop hem and facing.  It's not perfect, but with the addition of the matching bandana and pixie dust pouch, the imperfections fade away.

Jake's vest is the Explorer Vest from Little Things to Sew.  I skipped the pockets and added yellow bias tape as trim and gold pirate buttons.  The vest took me less than an hour to sew up, and I have never seen my son so excited about mommy's sewing. :-)  The inside of the vest is lined with Lightning McQueen fabric, per Colin's request.

I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer holds for us.  I'm sure there's lots more fun ahead.


  1. How crazy amazing is your local pool?! My neighborhood pool is just sad compared to this. I want to go on those slides! Your two little darlings are just adorable.

  2. I just adore your summer sewing! The costumes are great and the dress is very beautiful! It's what summer is all about. : )


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