Jul 27, 2014


July has been a month full of travel for my family.  We've been to the beach twice, and my husband and I have both traveled for work.  I very rarely travel for my job, but of course, if I'm going to do it, I may as well do it in the same week as my husband.  My poor children spent almost two weeks away from home, but they had a blast at Grandmama Camp and on a family beach vacation.  However, I think we're all about ready to resume a semi-normal schedule.

All this running around means that I've been away from my sewing machine for quite a while (*sob!), but I managed to finish up a dress before I left for my travels.  Here is Vogue 1395, also seen around the web here, here, and here.

This is a fantastic summer dress.  I wore it during one of my presentations at the HSTW conference in Nashville, on a date night in Myrtle Beach, and to church this morning.  Basically, it can go anywhere.

I found this lovely rayon crepe de chine at Wanderlust fabrics, and I can't recommend the fabric and the shop enough.  I've been on a rayon buying kick lately anyway.  It's just so comfortable in the heat and humidity.  It can be a little shifty though--I cursed a few times when I was trying to get the binding on the armholes.  I love wearing it though.

The design of this dress is fun to sew.  My mom always said that she would never sew a Vogue pattern--I guess Vogue used to be pretty stingy with the directions or something--but I found the directions easy to follow.  After checking out the amount of ease in this dress, I decided to size down and cut a 10.  I took up the shoulders 3/8" and used French seams instead of the double stitching recommended by the pattern.  All in all, this dress was fairly easy to construct.  I love how the back overlay wraps around to tie at the front waist.  It's a cool design feature, but it also means that this dress is really comfortable and practical.

The back overlay does seem to pull down a bit.  I actually went back and tightened the elastic at the waist to keep things where they are supposed to be, and that helped a bit.  I have caught my reflection a few times and thought that I spotted a dip in the hem, but I think it's due to the movement.  It hasn't bothered me enough to try to fix it, and it looks straight in the pictures.  I do wish I had considered pattern placement across the center back seam when I cut the back bodice, but oh well.

There's an interesting gathered detail near the top of the back bodice.  I felt sure I would botch it, but I followed the directions, and it turned out fine.  I also really like the way the skirt lining hides the elastic casing at the waist.  The casing is basically sandwiched between the dress and the lining--this would work really well for the Sewaholic Saltspring if you wanted to add a skirt lining.

This was my first time working with a Vogue pattern, and I'm quite pleased with the result, especially since I caught a $3.99 sale on it.  I'm not sure I need ten of these dresses in my closet, but I could see this dress looking wonderful in a solid color in a fancier fabric like silk.  


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