Aug 7, 2014

three new skirts

We are t-minus 12 days until Cara starts kindergarten, which means I have twelve days to get her first day of school dress finished up.  However, I understand that, realistically, the girl is going to need some play clothes for school.  Since she is still aspiring to be a princess when she grows up (in fact, she told me yesterday that when she grows up, she's planning to build her castle right next door to my house), she much prefers skirts and dresses--my goal is to make her skirts and dresses perfect for the playground.  I decided to whip up a few skirts to mix and match with Cara's array of t-shirts.  A skirt plus a t-shirt seems like a great play time outfit, if you ask me.

Skirt #1: 

This is another layered skirt based on this tutorial from Made.  Cara loves her polka dot layered skirt so much that making another was a no-brainer.  This skirt is great stashbuster as it takes less than a yard of fabric.  Cara's t-shirt is also handmade.  I used the Oliver and S School Bus T-Shirt, and Cara added the sparkly stencils.  

Skirt #2:

If something works, why not repeat it?  This is another reversible Oliver and S Hula Hoop Skirt in another batik print (see the previous version here).  It's actually the leftover fabric from my third Cambie.  This skirt is such a clever, yet simple design, and the flounce adds quite the satisfying twirl factor.

Skirt #3:

Never fear--not all of Cara's back to school skirts are repeats.  This one is the Oliver and S Music Class Skirt.  I scored about 3 yards of this polka dot stripe fabric at a yard sale.  I love the little pleated inserts on the sides of the skirt, and there are slightly hidden pockets right above the pleats.  This was a really quick project, maybe two hours at most. 

Of course, if Cara's going to wear skirts and dresses to school, she has to stay covered up on the playground.  I went back and forth with myself about whether I should buy a pattern or just draft my own for some leggings.  In the end, lazy won out, and I bought the Oliver and S Playtime Leggings.  This pattern was totally worth the money to me.  Not only is the fit awesome, but I also whipped up three pairs of shorts in an hour!  You can just barely see the bottom of these peeking out from under the Hula Hoop Skirt.

The best thing about these little shorts is that again, all I needed were scraps from some previous knit projects.  I'm thinking we might not buy leggings ever again.


  1. Kindergarten! That's exciting! And hopefully not too hard on mom ;) All of her skirts are adorable, as is she!

  2. Wowee you have been busy. I have dreams to make all my kiddies clothes, but realistically I can't find the hours in the day. Three leggings in an hour... go you!


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